Art and science are the dual nature of light


Having graduated from The University of Technology in Budapest in electrical engineering, Márton A. András directed the work of a laboratory designing medical devices. He simultaneously studied fine arts at the Dési Huber Studio. After having developed two patented, clinically successful diagnostic systems he changed his career and since 1978 has been working as a painter and graphic designer. His art is inspired by the natural sciences, especially physics and geometry, his art attempts to discover "human laws" analogous to theirs. In 1980 he was admitted into the ranks of the Hungarian Foundation for Fine Arts.

Exhibitions (selection)

2022. Budapest, Villa Barabás
2010. Budapest, The Kassák Museum
2008. Zürich, Kulturschiene
2003. Sárospatak, Hungary, Schola Patakiana
2002. Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Science
2001. Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum
2000. Berlin, Max-Planck-Institut für Gravtationsphysik, Albert- Einstein-Institut
1999. Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Vörösmarty Theatre
1996. Royan, Palais des Congres
1996. Albigny sur Saone, 10. Salon International de Painture et de Sculpture
1995. Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Vörösmarty Theatre
1991. Salzburg / Schloss Mittersill, "Mozarteum"
1990. München, Stadtgalerie Siemens
1990. München-Perlach, Galerie Siemens
1986. Budapest, Óbudai Pincegaléria
1982. Copenhagen, Cowi Consult
1980. Kőszeg, Hungary, Tábornokház
1979. Budapest, Research Institute of Hungarian Academy of Science